Aubrey Logan Single Release & Album Release

Aubrey Logan the STANDARD Tour - Dreams

A prodigy on trombone and voice in her teens. A graduate of Berklee college of music and winner of the world-class Montreux Jazz Festival by her early 20s. And an established and respected touring and recording artist before she was 30. Following on the heels of her #1 album in 2019, Aubrey Logan is releasing the album that it seems she was always destined to record. STANDARD will be released on MWO Records on May 21, 2021. It is a jazz album of Aubrey’s favorites (plus a couple of originals) that she has wanted to record for years and now it’s here! But prior to the full album release will be a series of single releases and two very special preview shows….all leading to her spectacular STANDARD Release party on May 20th. And the whole world is invited! Join Aubrey and her incredible band for one show…or better yet, get the full tour package (and included in the price of admission is a copy of her new single) This show will be available to rewatch until May 24th. Merchandise will be shipped out starting May 21st. For more merchandise:

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Ticket Includes: All 4 Shows + 2 Digital Singles Downloads + 1 Digital CD Download + 1 Signed CD + 1 Limited Backstage Pass + 1 Access Code for "Meet and Greet Aubrey Logan" (May 20th) **Limited Availability** **M&G limited to small groups of no more than 20 access codes**

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